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WISTA Germany is affiliated with over 200 members of WISTA International, which has more than 4.000 members from over 59 countries worldwide.


On 2 December 1974, a handful of women involved in the tanker market met for a Christmas lunch at the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in London UK. This evolved to become the worldwide network of women in the shipping industry that we know today.

In 1980, Erika Grambow (our founder) and Helge Zinke from Germany were in London together for the ship broker lunch and decided to organize a lunch with a supporting program in Germany in 1981. 

This was the beginning of annual cross-border meetings, which developed from small joint lunches to company visits and specialist lectures to international conferences. More and more countries joined in, expanding the global network of women in shipping that we know today. 

In 1981 the first meeting of “Ladies in Shipping” took place in Hamburg. Further conferences took place in Hamburg in 1994, 2005 and 2021.

Wista Germany e.V.

With over 200 members spread across Germany, WISTA Germany is growing steadily. Our members represent all facets of the maritime industry, including shipowners, shipyards, charterers, operators, brokers, bankers, insurance professionals, classification societies, ship supplier, port authorities, analysts, researcher and government officials. 

Our mission and goals:

WISTA Germany’s main goals are providing networking and educational opportunities for our members.

 Un pursuit of these objectives, we have periodic meetings, seminars, and social gatherings throughout the year.

In addition, the WISTA Germany e.V. Annual General Member Meeting takes place each summer, and the International Conference, open to all WISTA members worldwide, takes place each autumn.

All of these events – whether local, regional, national, or international – provide tremendous networking and educational opportunities for our members and thereby enhance the benefits of membership in the organization. 

  • Minimizing the existing gender leadership gap in the maritime, trading and logistics sectors.
  • Building a community among its members, facilitating the exchange of contacts, information, and experiences
  • Promoting the creation of business relationships among its members
  • Facilitating the professional development of its members
  • Providing liaison with other related institutions and organizations worldwide

Did we sparkle your interest?

If this is a network that interests and inspires you then please contact us via the registration form. We will then inform you about the possibilities offered by membership with us.

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